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Novi Sad two girls interacting
understanding through interaction

Each image tells one story…

Each image tells one story of displacement, one person’s experience of being “still here” or “stilled here”. Each recorded video fragment, embedded within the Lifeprint hyperphotos, tells a personal narrative of loss or abandonment of home and land. Each relates the story of moving and of being moved to begin life again, to make a home in a new place. Canada has been witness to the movements of people both by force and by choice since the First Peoples came to this land. Canada has become home to people from many different cultures and countries. Today this struggle to find a safe home continues, both for recent newcomers and continues to be an ongoing struggle for our First Nations communities.

How it works

Contributions to the AR installation, are recorded on-site during the exhibition. Community members are assisted to create video fragments telling the impacts of displacement on themselves and their communities — to add their voices — collectively exploring what it means to be “still/ed here.” Individual stories are added to the wall to contribute to a collective story of the impacts of displacement, an issue of currency,  of urgency in Canada, and in our world. 

Participants from Serbia

Each image turns into a video fragment of this person sharing their story when viewed through the Lifeprint AR app.

We need your help to bring Still/ed Here to Canadian communities like yours. We want your help to gather the individual stories of displacement of people, families, communities that together tell the collective story of what it means to be “still/ed here”.

Here is what we hope you would like to be a part of and help make happen:

  • opportunities for individuals to contribute their personal stories of displacement and how it has affected them, their family, their community, in the present and through time
  • exhibition of the interactive, participatory Augmented Reality installation, Still/ed Here in communities large and small, starting on the West coast and moving across Canada
  • performance events at each exhibit location where we invite local artists to show how displacement has impacted their community
  • a growing installation of your stories, of how our Canada has been shaped and impacted by displacement — ultimately, together telling the collective story of Canada
  • international exhibits of Still/ed Here to share our Canadian story and to reach beyond Canada and become a global story

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