Still/ed Here

is a co-created augmented reality experience of displacement.
Still/ed Here

Still/ed Here is a story of displacement, told by many voices. It is an interactive, participatory AR installation which evolves and expands -- growing with your stories.

Through time and still today, Canada and our world are being shaped by people who are forced to move or who choose to move. Listen to the stories gathered and hear what it means to be "still here"/"stilled here".

Our goal is to reach communities across Canada, urban centres as well as remote and rural, Northern and Indigenous communities, visiting every Province and Territory, ending with an exhibition in Ottawa.

Still/ed Here is built, one story at a time.

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Augmented Reality

Using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology of Lifeprint, still photos become fragments of video when viewed through the Lifeprint AR app.

A 15-second video clip of the audience member's contribution is printed with the Lifeprint printer and then added to the wall panels of the exhibit. This mosaic of still images becomes live videos, collectively telling our story of being "still here"/"stilled here".

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Add your story

Still/ed Here invites your contribution to the AR installation. Recorded on-site during the exhibition, you are assisted to create video fragments telling the impacts of displacement on you/your community, adding your voice -- collectively exploring what it means to be still/ed here.

If you are a local artist from the place of exhibition we invite you to interact with the theme of displacement as it has shaped your community. Show us your performative/onsite artwork.

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Bring Still/ed Here to your community. Together, let's tell the collective story of displacement as it has shaped our world.

Events and Exhibits

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The Artists

Meet the people behind Still/ed Here
Mary McDonald
Mary McDonald

Multimedia Artist

Mary McDonald is a Canadian writer and multimedia artist. McDonald is passionate about exploiting digital technology to bring text and multimedia art into community, historic and natural spaces in ways that consider word through sound, image, and movement. McDonald's multidisciplinary practice encompasses text, photography, poetryfilm, music and sound, AR (augmented reality) installation, and community participatory arts projects. Her poetry films and AR installations have been exhibited in Canada and internationally 

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Natasha Boškić
Natasha Boškić


Natasha Boškić is originally from Serbia. She moved to Canada with her two children in 1999. A long history of family storytelling, folk tales and legends as well as her personal life experience and current times have shaped and directed her writing. Interested in technology as a new landscape for literary expression, she experiments with new media. Her poetry and narratives have been published in a number of literary journals, anthologies  and special publications  in Canada and Serbia. 

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